Dining Service

The purchase of one of our meal plans is a required addition to the rental. Our meal plans are designed to provide you with all of your food/non-alcoholic beverages throughout your stay with us. We do all of the required shopping and all food preparation for you! Our menus are as varied as the palette of the island allows; fresh lobster, fresh local seafoods, imported Angus beef, pork, poultry and more. Our villa chef is an incredible talent who prepares your complete breakfast, lunches, and exquisite dinners. All meals are served restaurant, family or buffet style (depending upon the size of the group and your wishes).



Our Meal Plans

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Afternoon Snacks
Soft Drinks
Bar Mixers (selected)
Starter Welcome Bar
(only 7+/night rentals)

Please note that for events such as weddings, the B&B Plan is unavailable.

Our breakfasts are typically eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereals, fresh breads and fresh local fruits and juices. Lunches include a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, chicken, shrimp and more. Dinners can be very lavish affairs and could include a before dinner aperitif, hor d’oeuvres, salads, pastas, local seafoods, vegetarian foods, Angus beef grilled to perfection, fine wine (additional cost) and magnificent desserts! Obviously we offer a wide variety of choices and will work to meet your individual desires.

Our award-winning executive chef is widely recognized as one of the most talented chefs on the north coast, which is why he was chosen for Villa Castellamonte! Still, we often invite guest chefs from around the island, Europe and America to cook for our guests while mentoring our staff on different cuisines. The results speak for themselves. Our typical cuisine rating of 4 ½ stars (out of five) is a clear indication of the quality we place on our cuisine; preparation, presentation and creativity.

Naturally, we will do everything we can to accommodate special dietary requirements to every extent possible. Please notify us in advance of any requirements or special selections you may have. This will help us plan better to ensure we are doing everything possible to make your dream vacation a reality!

Special Needs? A meal plan is mandatory since we know you have to eat but we will happily design a menu for you to meet your needs and tastes. Kosher meals, Vegan diets and other special needs or dietary requirements can easily be accommodated. Exceptions are easily made so please feel free to ask.  Additional fees may apply.

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“We loved our group meals and everyone was blown away by the food. The staff was fantastic and made us fabulous cocktails all day and night.”

H. Mel – Austin, TX USA


All-Inclusive Add-on

$25/pp (age 18+ only)

Our all-inclusive add-on provides your group with premium grade alcoholic beverages throughout your stay with us.  The all-inclusive add-on to any meal plan includes beer, wine, sparkling wine, rum, vodka, gin, scotch and tequila in specific brands.  Mixers are not included. We provide you with a list of the brands along with your meal plan menu. The all-inclusive add on, if selected, applies to everyone in your group above the age of 18.

“From the moment we arrived, the staff at this villa welcomed us with open arms. Their sole purpose was to make our stay the best vacation ever, and they succeeded. Our glasses were never empty, and neither were our stomachs! The chef was amazing, but the service from Felix, Yamali and Rupert was top notch!”


“The home was beautiful, and well maintained. The staff was attentive (especially Felix and Yamalic), and exceptional! We had three meals a day at the villa, all of which were outstanding (we like food in this group). The chef even took special consideration for food aversions and dietary restrictions.”