Travel Agent Information

The Dominican Republic is rapidly becoming the top “go to” destination throughout the Caribbean. Your clients are undoubtedly seeking the very best in luxury vacation accommodations. We value and highly respect the contributions of professional travel agents and tour operators to help these clients know of and access our luxury resorts and residences. We gladly pay commissions to travel agents for their assistance in presenting and renting our luxury residence to their clientele.

You can also contact us just to check availability or to get current pricing on our property or to check something special for your VIP clients. If you want to participate in our special Travel Agent only programs such as obtaining unbranded collateral materials for your use, please register with us.

Generate Your Own Quote

[userpro_loggedin]Our handy travel agent quote generator allows you to enter all the parameters for a vacation at our luxury villa.  [/userpro_loggedin][userpro_loggedout]If you would like to have direct access to our handy travel agent quote generator, please register with us (or just sign-in if you are already registered) and we’ll give it to you.[/userpro_loggedout]An email will be sent to you, nicely formatted, so you can forward it to your client.  Best of all, when you enter your client’s name on the quote form you a protected from the client ‘accidentally’ going around you.  Your commission is protected!

General Travel Agent Information

The following information has been created specifically for Luxury Travel Agents to provide additional guidance in planning their clients travel here. Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have additional needs for your clients, please contact us and we will tell you what we can do to help.

Fees associated with services offered from outside of the villa (taxi, child care, etc) are provided by third-party providers. While we have vetted them for honesty, experience and professionalism we do not control the pricing of these providers. The prices we quote are those which have been provided to us but which may change prior to your guests arrival. If this is of substantial concern, please contact us prior to your client arrival for the latest and most up to date pricing. We add no mark-ups on the pricing quoted by these providers!

Useful Travel Agent Topics

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Travel Agent Registration

Please fill out this form completely to be considered a registered travel agent for Villa Castellamonte.  There are many benefits unique to our registered agents and we look forward to working with you soon!

Terms & Conditions

By sending this form, you accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Airports & Codes

This information is provided as a courtesy and should not be considered definitive or a replacement for official information.

City Airport Name IATA Code Customs Runway IFR Length To Villa
Barahona Maria Montez Int’l BRX Yes Paved Yes 9800 ft. 6 hrs
Higuey Punta Cana Int’l PUJ Yes Paved Yes 10100 ft. 4 hrs
La Romana La Romana Int’l LRM Yes Paved Yes 6500 ft. 3 hrs
Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon Int’l POP Yes Paved Yes 10100 ft. 90 mins
Las Terrenas El Portillo EPS Yes Paved Yes 2900 ft. 90 mins
El Catey Samana Int’l AZS Yes Paved Yes 9843 ft. 45 mins
Santiago Cibao Int’l STI Yes Paved Yes 5000 ft. 2.5 hrs
Santo Domingo Las Americas Int’l SDQ Yes Paved Yes 11000 ft. 2 hrs


Once reservations have been confirmed, all monies are committed to the rental and no refunds are available outside of these parameters.  Cancellations by your client greater than ninety (90) days prior to arrival are subject to an administrative fee of thirty-five percent (35%) of the total rental fee, all remaining funds may either be returned or applied to a future rental at the choice of the client.  Reservations cancelled after that date (within 90 days of arrival) shall be non-refundable unless a successful rebooking (same price & dates) is achieved.  Holiday bookings such as Christmas, New Years and others identified on the invoice are non-refundable at the time of the deposit.  Changes to any reservation are subject to a change fee of USD $100.  In all respects, one hundred percent (100%) of any security deposit shall be refunded upon any cancellation prior to arrival.

This information may change without notice.  Further information on cancellations shall be made available in our required Rental Agreement which also supersedes and takes precedence over any information online.  A Rental Agreement is available for review following your registration as a travel agent.

Childcare Services

The concierge of the villa is happy to help arrange bi-lingual childcare services right in the villa.  It’s a wonderful service and helps Mom & Dad to truly relax and unwind.  Ask the concierge for further details and current pricing.


We enjoy working with travel agents and agencies from around the globe to provide their clients with an unparalleled vacation experience. Our commission rate to registered agents is twenty percent (20%) of the villa rental rate unless we have offered a higher special commission. Commission is paid immediately upon confirmed booking as a portion of the deposit paid by the client.  Register prior to any booking to ensure you qualify for the commission.

We also offer various incentives and spiffs to travel agents so we encourage you to remain in contact with us so you are aware of the opportunities. These incentives include iPad giveaways, FAM trips, bonuses and those higher commissions just to name a few.

To qualify, please register and include your CLIA/ARC/IATA# where indicated. You can then download our unbranded (i.e. no contact information) brochures for either the villa or destination weddings.  They are designed specifically so you can share with your clients and not lose customer control.

Concierge Services

Guests at Villa Castellamonte enjoy the highest level of service in the luxury villa industry, including a dedicated villa concierge. Our villa concierge takes care of every detail for the guests of the villa to help ensure their vacation with us is as perfect as can be.

The villa concierge will make contact with the client immediately upon booking to introduce themselves and their services. Typically the concierge and the client begin more constant email & telephone communications around 45 days prior to arrival. The concierge will arrange ground transportation, organize and schedule excursions, handle special meal requests, plan small events such as birthdays or anniversary celebrations and many other guest services. Whatever the guest desires, our villa concierge is there to help make it happen.

The services of the villa concierge are included in the rental rate; there are no additional hidden fees for you or your clients!

Documents Needed

All guests of Villa Castellamonte are required to execute a rental agreement between themselves and the management company of the villa. Samples available upon request.

Valid international passport or equivalent international identity document. A US $10 (cash only) tourist card/tourism tax must be purchased at the port of entry.

Travel visas and tourist cards are not required for citizens of Argentina, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Peru, South Korean and Uruguay.

Driving Distances

Driving around the Dominican Republic can be a challenging chore — some guests have equated it to playing a video game without a reset button — so we generally recommend our guests to use the very reliable local taxi services.  However, if you have a guest who insists upon driving, the concierge of the villa will be happy to help arrange a rental vehicle (either locally or at the airport) and provide driving information.


Electricity in the villa is 60Hz / 120v with plugs identical to North America. The Dominican Republic is still a developing country with periodic blackouts of the national grid. To ensure the serenity of our villa, we have redundant diesel power generators which come on automatically thus ensuring unrestricted 24/7 electrical power throughout the villa.


Cabrera has multiple very efficient trauma clinics to handle serious emergencies and 20 minutes away is a major hospital in the town of Nagua. Very advanced medical facilities, of U.S. quality, are available in Santo Domingo and Santiago as well. If your clients have any known medical issues, we should be made aware of them prior to their arrival. Once you are registered, you will also be provided the name and full contact information of the Villa Concierge, Villa Manager and even the Villa Owner. The owner of the villa is the area Warden for the U.S. Embassy who can access critical embassy resources should they become necessary.

Familiarization (FAM) Trips

We all know that it is very difficult to sell what you haven’t seen and experienced for yourself. Villa Castellamonte FAM (familiarization) trips are a low-cost, high-value service we provide to our travel agent friends to help familiarize themselves with this area of the Dominican Republic, our unique luxury villa destination and the amazing services we provide to all of our clients. FAM trips are not exclusive to a particular agency/supplier so you will be sharing the villa with other agents should you participate in one of our FAM trips.

Our FAM trips are typically 3 nights/4 days with a minimal cost associated with them. The prices include ground transportation (AZS/POP only), your stay at the villa in your choice of room, gratuities and our standard meal plan. FAM trips are available throughout the year, except special holidays, and are emailed to our travel agents registered with the villa.

Our FAM trips are priced between $1800 to $1000 for the entire three (3) night trip, all-inclusive as noted above, exclusive of any excursions or spa treatments you elect to experience. Make sure you register with us to learn of our next FAM trip offering!

Ground Transportation

We will help arrange taxi ground transportation to / from the villa and while guests are in residence. We recommend using the taxi services so your guests do not have to worry about directions, language issues, fuel, insurance or driving in this country. However, car rentals are available in the local area if they are requested. If your guests elect to rent automobiles we accept no responsibility for accidents but, obviously, will aid where we can.


Would you like to earn even more by booking your clients at Villa Castellamonte? We are happy to provide you with additional incentives and bonuses so you place Villa Castellamonte first in your mind and the minds of your clients. Periodically we issue these special bonuses which are added on top of the commissions and are payable directly to the travel agent making the booking. In fact, for your first booking we award an additional $250 US bonus to registered agents.

All bonuses require a minimum $7000 rental booking to qualify and must be claimed at the time of booking using the special booking codes noted below. Call us prior to booking for clarification to ensure you qualify if you have any questions.


Free DSL high-speed, wireless internet is provided in the villa.  The speed is the highest rated in the area and is constantly upgraded to meet the needs of our owners, clients and their guests.


Villa Castellamonte is within a secure, gated and patrolled community and the villa has its own security team as well to ensure client privacy.  Each bedroom is separately lockable and offers a keypad entry safe the guests can set themselves to protect any valuables.

That all said, where we are located is well off the beaten path of the overused all-inclusive hotels and their tourism issues.  Ours is a quiet, rural community where crime is exceptionally low and guests frequently visit town to shop, meet the locals, head to restaurants and bars or just to see the sights.


We provide your guests our Skype telephone located in the villa for their use free of charge. It is automatically provided $25 US in fees which covers most every rental. But if your guests use more time we do reserve the right to charge an additional fee.


The Dominican Republic public water system does not treat the public water supply. Therefore, the water available in most locations is not drinkable.  However, at Villa Castellamonte we have installed a state-of-the-art water filtration system to provide clean, safe, drinkable water throughout the villa.  Bottled water is also available, for an additional fee, but your clients can rest assured at our villa their health and well-being are our primary concern.